Want to Gift Your Books at No Cost or Get Affordable New Reads?

SwapReads is a book swapping community that allows you to find a loving home for your books, effortlessly and for free. Discover new, amazing stories and authors, never worry about how much it costs you.

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What Makes SwapReads the #1 Choice for Book Swapping?

  • Easy Shipping

    When someone requests a book from you, simply print the shipping label directly from SwapReads. Pack the book up, attach the label and that’s it! Ready to be sent.

  • No Rush

    When a book you want becomes available and you’re the first person in the line, you have 48 hours to place your request. During this time no one else can do it. We all have a life and being online 24/7 is not fun, we get it.

  • Risk-free

    Never feel like you're spending money to send out your books, without getting something in return. There is no need to pay to ship any of your books to others, which makes SwapReads a perfect way of sharing the joy of reading.

  • Unlimited Wishlist

    Add as many books as you want to your Wishlist, SwapReads will handle it. No need to decide between which books to add or not. Just add them all and we’ll do the rest.

  • Givers Are Rewarded

    For every 10 books you send (at no cost) to others you get one for free. There is no other way which allows you to free up your shelf space and get books in return.

  • Active Community

    Many believe that talking about books is even more fun than reading them. With SwapReads Community you can discuss what you've read, get new recommendations, connect with others, and much more.

  • Each Book Is Yours

    You’re the owner of every single book you receive from other swapreaders. You fully control what happens next to it. There are no due dates, no penalties, and no requirements to swap it again.

  • Affordable

    With all the amazing books that have been written, reading can get a little expensive. With SwapReads you can get any available book for less than $5, no subscriptions, no hidden costs, no extra charges. Sounds good, right?

Benefits of Exchanging Books With Other Readers

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    Feel the joy of giving

    Make others smile when they receive your book in their mailbox! You have the opportunity to turn your books into a special gift that someone is anxiously waiting for.

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    New home for your books

    Do you need to free up some shelf space? With SwapReads, you can be sure the next person that enjoys your book truly wants it and will appreciate it as much as you did!

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    Join like-minded book lovers

    We are all readers here. Are you looking for recommendations on what book you should read next? Want to discuss a book? Exchange thoughts? SwapReads Community is the right place!

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    Super pocket-friendly

    Never again feel guilty about how much you spend on books. Getting any book is less than $5, or get it for totally free after you send a few of your books to others. Now you can read more than ever, by paying less!

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    Every reader is your neighbor

    The number and selection of available books is not limited by your location. You can get and send books anywhere in the US, not having to worry about extra charges.

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    Become part of the journey

    Every book you receive was part of somebody's life — it made them laugh, cry or reflect. When exchanging books on SwapReads you become a part of this unique history.

How It Works

Our mission is to make swapping books as simple and effortless as it can be. Enjoy your next great read or make a special gift for another bookworm in just a few steps.

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    🗒️ List the books

    Create your Bookshelf with books you are willing to send to others, and Wishlist which books you'd like to get. No worries, if something is not available right now, we'll send you an email once it's offered by one of the other fellow swapreaders.

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    Place the request ✅

    Once the book from your Wishlist becomes available, you have two days to provide shipping details and make a payment. Don't feel rushed, during this time on one else can claim this book.

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    📦 Package is prepared and sent

    As the book owner, once you approve the incoming request you can print the shipping label directly from SwapReads or handle the shipping yourself — whichever works best for you. Pack the book securely, send it and mark the package as shipped.

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    Time to start checking mailbox! 📫

    Or just use the tracking number, which you'll receive once the book is sent. When the book arrives, mark it as received to indicate that everything went well.

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